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Hello ! My name is Sea .


[Clinohumite's Pearl Contest] Cranberry Pearl

Cranberry Pearl (Goes by Cranberry), She/Her Pronouns, Demipan (with preference femine gems)

Gem Placement:Left calf
Height: 5’9
Age : About 6000 years
Weapon : Hook sword(s) -She can summon 2-
Fusion Dance: Swing
Alignment : Homeworld, Yellow Diamond, Clinohumite’s servant


She is a capable gem and she knows it.
-Perfectionist/Everything(!) has to be exactly like she schemed ! If not, no matter the result , she tend to blame and beat herself for it, (even tho it can't be her fault, it is always her fault)
+Hardworking,Reliable/She will try and do her bestest to make Clinohumite  content in any way.
-Too Devoted/She tend to not care those who aren’t Clinohumite (Diamonds even), not because of malicious intent, because she pretty much dedicated herself to her. That however doesn’t mean she does not have acquaintances. You could say she somewhat bonded with gems working alongside her.
-Apathetic/She tend to seem emotionless to other gems, and behave accordingly to Clinohumite’s mood. She usually bottles her emotions and suffer silently till she has a meltdown in a quiet corner where no one can see her.
+Obedient/ She will sing , spar , do anything for her owner or her diamond. But if anyone asks her to do something, she will seek approval of Clinohumite first.-Overprotective/ She will try to protect her owner form any danger, even if such danger does not exist.
~Skeptical/Unless some gem proves her their intent, she will always be cautious about them.
~Sarcastic/She tend to use sarcasm against gems she doesn’t care about.
~Stubborn/Once she is convinced, it is hard to convince her otherwise.


Likes: Being taken seriously, Sparring, Singing, Succeeding/Winning at anything, Clinohumite

Dislikes: Being commanded by “gems that aren’t worthy”, Ironically Competition, Rebels or Anything Associated with Rebels





Cranberry started her life alongside a Rose Quartz. When Rose was bubbled, she was sure it was the end for her unless she was the very best. So she started to train herself in various fields to prove herself useful. As an ownerless Pearl, she pushed herself to be better than any other under any circumstances. She distanced herself from others and even her own emotions to devote herself to her duty. It was noticed by responsible Agate and she was presented to Yellow Diamond, and later chosen by Clinohumite.


About Her Relationship with Clinohumite

After working for so long, she has an owner and even that alone puts her in a good mood. Clinohumite is the kind, noble gem she has always dreamed of. As expected, she is extremly loyal and respectful. She tries to be an advisor, a singer, a bodyguard, a servant , a friend , anything her owner wants her to be.


Welp , she's finally done. I'm proud of how she looks (as it is my first try to draw a Pearl or anything SU related really)

Clinohumite and Contest by :iconthezodiaclord:

Entry by :iconkromox-shards:

Clinohumite's Pearl [CONTEST]
OGC : Vivi Max --RP Meme--
I really would like to improve my RPing sooooo

Current RPs :
OC Applicant : Vivi Max Fairchild

Name:Maxima Vivienne (Vivi Max) Fairchild


Age : 21


Gender: Genderfluid (Biologically Female)


Species: Coyote


Sexual Orientation: AroFlux//Demisexual


Relationship Status: Single


Occupation: Storyboard Artist and Writer in an upcoming series


Class: UpperMiddle


Height:  5,11"


Weight: Medium


Roommates:  Looking for one at the moment of speaking


Apartment Style: Duo





History: Vivi was adopted by two wonderful fathers , Marcus and Derek . Tho they used to be bullied because of that, they didn’t have any other problems about their parents . They always adored drawing and writing , so it wasn’t a suprise that they chose animation as their profession . They recently came out and pretty happy about it.


Personality: Max is that person who seems happy-go-lucky but they can be the boss . Their show’s development could go better and budget-cuts happen nearly every month but they are optimistic their blood and sweat won’t go to waste .

Social Personality:  Leaning to Extrovert


Generic Traits:





»Bossy time to time

»Can get Obsessive



»Playing Video Games

»Doodling /Drawing

»Fictional Character

» Bad endings in fiction




»Criticism (“Show is indevelopment and doesn’t need pesky comments at the way it is right now!”) [They don’t take it well if it isn’t “Marcella” or one of her coworkers

»Criticising their bitter sweet endings (“We live in a world which came to the way it is by sacrifices , you can’t have an ending where every single thing turns out fine ! No Happily Ever After , Only Happily Until They Died !”)

»Additional Stress

»Badmounthing their job

»People who try to “teach” them how to do their job (“No, i am not accepting suggestions right now , thaaaank you veeery  much for your concern !”)

»Budget cuts

Additional Information:

*If you see them talking to theirself , in the middle of the street , they  will most likely tell you they are  talking with their buddy  Marcella . They will also tell you  “Marcy” is a revenant  and their purpose is tied with Max , so they decided to stay with Vivi . It’s hard to understand if Marcella is their imaginary friend , inspreration fairy or a real ghost since they  didn’t interracted no one else so far. Some even say she lost it beacuse of stress and her cheerful attitude comes from that too .

*Vivi wouldn’t mind if you called them sth other than they/them pronouns . “Marcy” would screech at you if you did not use they/them pronouns .




» Marcus Fairchild

» Derek Martinez

-Talks their parents  everyday for at least 5 mins . In a good reliationship really .


Friends:  Marcella “Marcy” Herdrix (Tho it is a mystery if they are an actual person or not)


Enemies: None so far.






RP Status: Yes ( tho i am pretty amateur, i would like to improve)


RP Style:Script/ Paragraph [Prefered]


RP On: Notes/Skype/Discord


TimeZone:  In USA time: 12:30 pm - In Turkey time: 8:30 pm


Thanks Star-of-Magenta for the line art !
Coloring and character by me 



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